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HELP & HOPE: An Opportunity to Serve the Homeless in our Community 

"For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me." (Matthew 25:35-36)

The JupiterFIRST Church family has been actively involved with The Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County and the Lewis Center in West Palm Beach. Many thanks to all of you who have graciously given your time, energy and financial resources for this ministry! Thanks to the Levitt family for helping organize!

We have served dinners generously donated by local restaurants, helped with Project Connect where needs are met for those on the streets and we help in the donation center that provides clothing and home essentials for those who are going through the program.

There are opportunities to serve and be love in action in our community! Be blessed to be a blessing to others in need and build relationships with your church family in the process!

 The Lewis Center, established in 2012, is the county’s first homeless resource center of its kind in Palm Beach County. Having a partnership of homeless service providers in one location allows the Lewis Center to act as a central point of access for individuals and families seeking to end their homelessness. Here people get connected with supportive services and housing to restore them to self-sufficiency. Resources are on site to assess clients and offer interim housing, medical care, life skills, job training and placement.

        Ways to be involved:

  • We are looking for local restaurants/caterers to partner with us and donate a prepared dinner within an annual schedule.
  • Volunteers are needed to serve the dinner. There is an opportunity for families to serve together. We serve the second and third Thursday of every month.
  • Monetary donations are appreciated to contribute to catering on the months we do not have dinner donated.                       

If you have catering contacts, are interested in serving or feel led to contribute to starting our dinner mission fund, please contact Taryn Levitt or Aneesy Kairalla or call the church office at 561-747-8340.

Click here for the Volunteer Information Packet.


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 2nd - Senior GEMS Workshop#1
 5th - Baptism 101 Class 
 5th - Life on the Vine
 8th - Mom & Me Ice Cream Social
 9th - Help & Hope
10th - Camping in the Backyard
11th - Empowering Women
12th - Carol Kent Preaching
16th - Senior GEMS Workshop#2
16th - Help & Hope
16th - Book Club
23rd - Senior Lunch Bunch
23rd - Dementia Caregivers
30th - Senior GEMS Workshop#3


 2nd - Sermon Based Small                    Groups
 3rd -  How God Became King 
 4th -  Praying in Color
 4th -  Everything Belongs

 4th -  MomsFIRST Play Dates
 4th -  Summer Pilates 
 5th -  The Human Jesus

 5th -  Sermon Based Small                     Groups
 6th -  Animate: Faith
 6th -  MomsFIRST Specialty Play             Dates
 6th -  Senior Outing
 6th -  Summer Pilates
12th - Dad & Me Baseball Game
13th - Dementia Caregivers
13th - Help & Hope
17th - Vacation Bible School
20th - Help & Hope
20th - Theology on Tap
20th - Book Club
25th - Reveal Forum
27th - Dementia Caregivers



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Sunday, May 26th
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Monday, May 27th
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Tuesday, May 28th
 2:00 pm - Prayer Shawl

Wednesday, May 29th 
  5:30 pm - Weds Night Dinner
 6:00 pm -  The Wave
 6:00 pm - Lighthouse
 6:30 pm - Open Bible Study

Thursday, May 30th
  1:30 pm - Senior GEMS Workshop
 7:30 pm - AA/AlAnon

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