Walk to Emmaus

Walk to Emmaus is an international organization sponsored by The Upper Room. Our local chapter can be found at www.southeastfloridaemmaus.org. The Walk to Emmaus (see Luke 24:13-35) is a three day retreat, normally held twice a year at Dunklin Memorial Camp in Martin County.

Emmaus is open to members of any Christian denomination. Emmaus is for the development of Christian leaders who are members of a local church and have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives for the long term. The three day retreat includes singing, learning, laughing, worshipping, praying, and participating in small groups. Discussions center around fifteen talks given by laity and clergy. These talks present the theme of God's grace, and how that grace comes alive in the Christian community.

How can one attend an Emmaus weekend? Attending an Emmaus weekend is typically by invitation. That is, someone who has already attended a weekend will "invite" another friend to attend, and will be that person's sponsor for the weekend. Many people at JupiterFIRST have attended a weekend, so they key is to become involved in the life of JupiterFIRST Church through service or education, where you will make friends and discover people who have been on the weekend. When you express your interest in a weekend, a friend is sure to step forward to offer to sponsor you.

For purposes of ease, communication, and focus, men and women attend separate but consecutive weekends. The men meet first, then about three weeks later, the women meet. Weekends are typically held in September/October, and again in May/June, although the schedule is adjusted from year to year based on the availability of the facilities.

For more information, please contact the church office at 561-747-8340.

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This Week

Sunday, December 9th
 9:00 am - Worship Service 
 9:00 am - Children's Program  
 9:30 am - Sunday Open Bible Study
10:30 am- Worship Service
10:30 am- Children's Program
12:00 pm - GriefShare

Monday, December 10th
 1:00 pm - Senior Game Day 
 6:30 pm - Prayer Shawl
 6:30 pm - Anchored Youth Group

Tuesday, December 11th  
 7:00 am - Men's Monthly Breakfast 
 9:30 am - Disciple Fast Track 
 2:00 pm - Prayer Shawl

Wednesday, December 12th 
 5:30 pm - Advent Dinner
 6:00 pm - The Wave Youth Group
 6:30 pm - Open Bible Study 
 6:30 pm - Lighthouse Youth Group

Thursday, December 13th
10:00 am - Coffee Break
 1:30 pm - Dementia Caregivers
 6:00 pm - Help & Hope 
 7:30 pm - AA/Al-Anon


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